AI that looks into the future of your projects so you can tackle risks before they become issues.

nPlan's models are trained on its dataset of more than


construction schedules - the largest collection of past programmes in the world 🌍

For proactive project professionals
For proactive project professionals
For proactive project professionals
For proactive project professionals
Why nPlan

The majority of large-scale construction projects finish late and over-budget. It doesn't have to be this way.

The long delayed completion of a major construction project is a tale as old as time. But does it matter that most projects finish late? In a word: yes.

When projects overrun, contractors fail, costly legal battles begin, fewer new projects are brought forward - and economic growth suffers. nPlan was founded to consign this thorny problem to the dustbin of history.

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The future of project forecasting and risk management - in a web browser.

Access, analyse and action the insights generated by our powerful AI Deep Learning-powered forecasting engine using our suite of software products for individual projects and portfolios.

Unlike clunky and cumbersome legacy risk software packages, all of nPlan’s richly featured products run in a web browser.

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Our AI

Advanced, unbiased, fast - and incredibly accurate.

Predictive applications based on state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs) and Graph Neural Networks, and the world’s largest dataset of past project schedules; generative AI powered by the most advanced LLMs ever trained to assist project professionals with their work.


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