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Empower your team with algorithm-led assurance

nPlan forecasts schedule outcomes with unbiased probability, allowing you and your team to make informed decisions about your project risks.

Our Machine Learning engine digests the largest dataset of construction schedules in the world. This enables unparalleled accuracy in understanding project context and detecting patterns, helping you to effectively address risks and opportunities.

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Identify Unknown Risks and discover new opportunities

By automatically forecasting the behaviour of each individual activity on your project, you can accurately assess the impact of potential Black Swan events and quickly identify areas where performance improvements will lead to considerable savings in both time and money.

For owner-operators

Discover how we can help you avoid the hassle of time and cost claims, reduce contingency budgets, eliminate as much as 25% of premium cost work, and more.

for contractors

Learn how to utilise nPlan to achieve greater certainty of contracts, improve relationships with owner-operators, reduce time/cost claims, and more.

Proactively Compare project updates and scenarios

Extract further value and assess the impact of project changes by looking at the effect of potential scope and plan changes, risk mitigation actions, and new progress updates.

Compare all your risk assessments in one simple interface.
"nPlan's revolutionary machine learning approach to learning from data on past projects is the biggest breakthrough in scheduling in decades."
Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne, Harvard Business School

Many Project Teams Are Already Using nPlan

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