The future of project controls is here.

Read our new white paper on the new best practice for forecasting and de-risking large-scale projects

There's a perma-crisis in major project delivery...

The majority of large-scale construction projects either finish late, over-budget, or do not fully deliver the promised benefits. With such a well-evidenced track record of delivery failure, it is time to consider whether the methods used by project teams to identify and control risk are fit for purpose. This white paper asks this question in respect of Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) - the current gold standard for analysing project risk - and finds it wanting...

What you'll learn from the white paper

The hard data that tells us that QSRA isn't doing what it's supposed to do

The fatal flaws in traditional QSRA that undermine its effectiveness - and waste the expertise of project professionals

What AI can do to transform QSRA into something highly valuable - and how it will change project delivery

How project professionals can embrace a new way of working - harnessing the true power of AI and human experience

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