Case Study

Oil and gas megaproject in North America

nPlan has been engaged throughout the delivery and commissioning phases of a major oil and gas megaproject under construction in the Americas. Like almost all other projects, the project has been subject to loss of control, construction delays, unexpected changes and firefighting. Grab the case study to find out how the project team is getting incredible value out of using nPlan's technology to deliver the project.

Discover nPlan's transformative impact on an oil and gas megaproject under construction in the Americas in our new case study.

Key highlights include:

  • nPlan's engagement in critical delivery and commissioning phases
  • Significant value addition by summarising potential project outcomes, reducing the likelihood of liquidated damages, and offering a data-driven truth source to stakeholders.
  • Insightful analysis of every project activity, contrasting with traditional risk analysis methods.
  • The impressive impact of nPlan's AI algorithms in identifying hidden risks, leading to a shortened project duration by 35 days, with an additional 105 days of opportunity discovered.

This case study is a must-read for professionals seeking to understand the power of AI in de-risking large-scale projects, proving how innovative technologies can lead to more efficient, timely, and cost-effective project management.

What you'll learn from the
Case Study

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