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Accurate project planning is increasingly challenging as projects get larger and more complex. Mistakes in duration or sequencing can cost projects millions, or even billions for mega projects. With our technology, schedules can be validated and assured using data, unfettered by biased perspectives and vested interests. Through our clients, we have built the largest dataset of construction programmes in the world, and provided valuable insights to clients throughout the value chain.



 Unbiased end date forecasts and activity level insights can now be accurately communicated

Financial Performance

Savings of up to 3% of project value

assurance of Contracts

Prior to project sanction, schedules can be validated and contracts have greater certainty. Durations are data driven, not subjective.

Our Product

From energy to infrastructure and buildings, nPlan processes construction programmes and empowers project teams to utilise data-driven insights to deliver projects successfully. Our insights help you see your project risks clearly whether you’re an executive, project leader, or planner, helping you make informed decisions and mitigate key risks.



 nPlan's comments section allows you to easily collaborate with your team members

Programme Comparison

nPlan's comparison feature enables you to review changes between each programme revision

Intuitive Dashboard

nPlan delivers meaningful insights via an interactive and intuitive dashboard

Our Process

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