Commercial and public buildings

Make AI-powered assurance the foundation of new building construction.

We help project owners working on commercial and public buildings to make the business case for what they want to build and select the right contractor for the job; once they've got the green light we work with them and their chosen contractor to identify risks so they can be mitigated before they become issues - enabling them to deliver on time and on budget.

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How we help project teams in the world of building construction

Investment Case Assurance

Demonstrate the deliverability of your project and get the green light you’ve been pushing for.

Bid schedule evaluation

Use hard data to select the best contractor for your project, and draft a contract that won’t come back to bite you

Project delivery

Get an unbiased assessment of your master schedule and use it to collaborate with your contractor on controlling key risks and ensuring on-time delivery

Portfolio monitoring

Identify the projects that need a save, spend your time where it counts the most, and comfortably maintain the health of a whole portfolio.

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