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Build smarter, not harder.

Win more work by demonstrating your unique advantage to your client (an AI-assured bid schedule based on the world’s largest collection of past project data); identify risks before they become issues, communicate progress with data-driven forecasts and deliver on-time while maintaining exceptional client relationships; reassure stakeholders with portfolio business case assurance, and proactively monitor and maintain portfolio health.

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How we help project teams at general contractors

Work winning

nPlan’s algorithms analyse and assess your schedule submissions, revealing what risks and opportunities exist, enhancing your bidding process and showcasing to your client the added value of confidence in the outcome of the project.

Project delivery

Using insights from nPlan, project teams now see schedule risks that would previously have been unknown. Teams leverage unbiased forecast outputs and focus their attention on the areas of the project that really matter, generating better options for delay mitigation actions that can be tracked across the life of the project, improving delivery likelihood and reducing cost.

Portfolio monitoring

nPlan’s technology can quickly assess and continuously monitor the risk on an entire portfolio of projects, unveiling how projects compare against each other and where further actions may be required in the business. Emerging risks are spotted early, rather than having to wait for lagging indicators on schedule and reporting quality, allowing for more effective early interventions with lower cost.

Business case assurance

We help contractors show that their portfolio of projects will provide shareholder and stakeholder returns. nPlan's algorithms forecast and assess risk across the entire portfolio, focusing on areas that may require additional resources to capture opportunities. We provide a dashboard system that gives an independent view of probable schedule outcomes to stakeholders, derived from real data.

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