Take your planning game to the next level.

Instantly get schedule analytics which go way beyond standard DCMA 14-point checks; use our automatic driving paths analysis to view your schedule through a risk lens, and say goodbye to spending days creating summary schedules - for good.

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Our clients use Insights to:

Perform AI-SRA

Prepare for investment decisions


Assure QSRAs

Supercharge existing risk processes


How is nPlan different from Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA)?

While traditional QSRA exclusively relies on the subjective opinion of project teams, nPlan empowers you and your team to make data-driven decisions with robust, accurate, and unbiased insights through the use of machine learning and historic data.


Where does nPlan get data from?

We receive historical data from our clients. Since 2017, we have trained our algorithms on a dataset that contains over 750,000 past schedules- making it the largest library of schedules in the world.


What kind of projects can I use nPlan on?

Our clients operate in different sectors, throughout the value chain of construction projects. These sectors include infrastructure, oil & gas, and more.


Can you identify counter-intuitive risks or those that my project team may have missed?

Yes, nPlan can identify commonly missed risks by highlighting activities in your project that are far from the deterministic critical path but still have an influence on the outcome. These are often referred to as surprise, low probability, high-impact risk events.