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Find patterns that span multiple projects

By automatically forecasting the outcomes of each project, you can report accurately and confidently about the future outlook of your project organisation.

For CFOs

Quantify and report the delay risk of all your capex projects, and connect it to your financial risk.

For Portfolio Managers

Understand where the surprises might come from and find optimisations for the whole system.

For PMOs

Get ahead of systemic uncertainty and apply portfolio-wide forward-looking governance.

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See portfolio-wide patterns

nPlan Portfolio has specialised AI that finds patterns across your entired portfolio, highlighting potential blindspots for the organisation.

Custom KPIs without reporting cycles

As soon as a schedule update has been created, the relevant project in Portfolio is immediately updated with the most recent forecast and KPIs.

Inspect the health of each project

Automatically recommended actions to improve the project's performance. Track action and communicate what's important with your contractors and team.

Fully customisable segmentation and metrics

Set your own categories, labels, KPIs, and metrics to fully match your processes.


No-lag reporting

 Don't wait for long reporting cycles before getting an up-to-date view of your risk and progress.

Improved Financial Performance

Reduce contingency budgets by over 10% with proactive risk management.

Track the evolution of Risk

By tracking the forecasts over each update and looking at how that is trending we can look far in the future for the entire portfolio.

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What’s the project completion?

nPlan works best on projects with a completion percentage below 90%.

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What’s the project value?

nPlan works best on projects above $50m in value.

You've said that the project value is less than $50m.

nPlan works best on projects above $50m in value as that is what most of the data we have processed represents. If you’d like to know more, get in touch.

What’s the indirect cost?

nPlan works best on projects with the indirect cost beween 5% and 25%.

Your answer indicated that the indirect cost is less than 5% or more than 25%.

Please check your indirect costs, or get in touch with us for help.

What’s the project contingency?

nPlan works best on projects with the contingency beween 1% and 20%.

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Please check your project contingency, or get in touch with us for help.

What’s the project duration?

nPlan works best on projects with the duration beween 6 months and 10 years.

You've said that the project duration is shorter than 6 months or longer than 10 years.

Please check your project duration, or get in touch with us for projects less than 6 months or longer than 10 years.

What’s the number of activities?

nPlan works best on projects with the number of activities above 100.

You've said that the number of activities is less than 100.

nPlan uses detailed schedules to product robust forecasts. If your schedule isn’t detailed out, we might product a wide ranged forecast. Get in touch for help.

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The world's largest dataset of construction projects

From energy to infrastructure and buildings, nPlan processes construction schedules representing over $1T in construction spend and empowers project teams to utilise data-driven insights to deliver projects successfully. Our insights help you see your project risks clearly whether you’re an executive, project leader, or planner, helping you make informed decisions and mitigate key risks.

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Schedule Comparison

Identify and review key changes between schedule revisions

Intuitive Dashboard

Understand project risks
via an interactive dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How is nPlan different from Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA)?

While traditional QSRA exclusively relies on the subjective opinion of project teams, nPlan empowers you and your team to make data-driven decisions with robust, accurate, and unbiased insights through the use of machine learning and historic data.

What kind of projects can I use nPlan on?

Our clients operate in different sectors, throughout the value chain of construction projects. These sectors include infrastructure, oil & gas, and more.

Where does nPlan get data from?

We receive historical data from our clients. Since 2017, we have trained our algorithms on a dataset that contains over 400,000 schedules - making it the largest library of schedules in the world.

Can you identify counter-intuitive risks or those that my project team may have missed?

Yes, nPlan can identify highly missed risks by highlighting activities in your project that are far from the deterministic critical path but still have an influence on the outcome. These are often referred to as surprise, low probability high-impact risk events.

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