White Paper

nPlan's State of Project Delivery 2022

Exclusive insights from a meta-analysis of nPlan's world-beating dataset of past programmes (over 750,000 and counting!)

nPlan's State of Project Delivery 2022 is our must-read white paper leveraging the world's largest dataset of historical construction schedules. Dive in for startling statistics: only one in seven projects finishes on time, with a median delay of 87 days. The impact of the pandemic is evident, with delays increasing by 167%, painting a sobering picture of project management challenges across G7 economies.

Key highlights include:

  • The rise in median project delays during the pandemic era, showcasing the escalating complexities in project management
  • Insights into the most risky project activities, often administrative tasks like planning and reviews, which are consistently under-forecasted
  • An in-depth look at how AI risk management and forecasting, based on historical data, can transform project execution, offering a proactive approach to managing delays

The white paper concludes with a message of hope from nPlan CEO Dev Amratia, emphasising how AI technologies like deep learning are poised to address these longstanding challenges in project management. This document is an essential read for professionals in the construction and project management sectors, offering a clear-eyed view of current problems and futuristic solutions.

What you’ll learn from this white paper

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