Project controls reporting with nPlan AutoReport vs. ChatGPT - what you need to know going in

nPlan AutoReport has been specially designed to meet the reporting needs of project professionals - the question is, can you achieve similar results with ChatGPT, the GOAT of chatbots? Dive in to find out!

Introducing nPlan AutoReport - project controls reporting made easy

Today we're launching nPlan AutoReport, a new standalone tool which uses a world-first Generative AI system specifically designed for the needs of project controls reporting. Consider this your essential guide to our newest game-changing product.

Barry update: A more sophisticated AI agent

Since we launched Barry, our project controls AI, back in June, we’ve shared several videos of it ‘thinking’ and chatting with users - but we haven’t revealed much about what’s going on ‘under the hood’ - until now, that is 😲

We’re building a diverse team at the intersection of two male-dominated industries — here’s how you can too

Construction-tech is a man’s world — but it doesn’t have to be. People Ops Associate Freya McDonnell reveals how nPlan is trying to level the playing field.

PERT distribution leads to overconfidence in outcomes

In my last post, I explored the phenomenon that while most activities on projects are delivered on time, most projects are delivered late. I introduced the concept of long-tails in distributions and how it’s the activities that reside in these long-tails that cause most of the delay in projects.

The impact of extreme events on project delay

In early 2022, nPlan conducted a study on close to 500,000 schedules and found that around 80% of projects are delayed.

Diversity in Risk Management

As Pride Month 2022 draws to a close, nPlan Principal Risk Engineer Richard Bendall-Jones discusses the importance of diversity, equity and inclusivity to effective risk management

What I wish I knew about ML infrastructure when I was a researcher

Join Carlos Ledezma, Product Manager at nPlan, on an exciting journey to optimize your Machine Learning projects. Learn how Docker can revolutionize your ML infrastructure, making code portable, reproducible, and easily deployable. Explore practical examples and expert insights to unlock the full potential of Docker in ML engineering. Dive into this blog now to elevate your career in Machine Learning!

Why AI is more accurate than humans at probabilistic risk forecasting

Alan Mosca and Georgia Stillwell explore how machine learning surpasses human expertise in risk forecasting. They discuss the limitations of human judgment in traditional risk management, emphasizing overconfidence and inaccuracy in estimating probabilities.